Hoofstraat Conceptual

Hoofstraat Conceptual is a series of interlinking spaces designed for creative endeavours, situated at 52 Hoofstraat, Riebeek Kasteel. Riebeek Kasteel is a beautiful village in the Riebeek Valley and Swartland of the Western Cape, about a hundred kilometres from Cape Town.

The owners are Rudolph and Emma Willemse who settled in the village in 2014. Rudolph is a poet and photographer and Emma is a conceptual artist and art educator. Hoofstraat Conceptual has been inspired by the Willemse’s vision of a welcoming and inclusive private creative space that can be shared with like minded people. The initiative is not a commercial endeavour and does not have a profit objective. We value and we seek to support local community projects such as the Riebeek Valley Steelband Project and the Stone Circle Project.

The activities at Hoofstraat Conceptual include:
* Curated exhibitions of conceptual art and photography
* Workshops, lectures and retreats
* Intimate acoustic and classical music performances
* An art residency facility
* Meditation and yoga events